Committee Members


Chair – Jonathan Bullard

Jonathan has been writing for as long as he can remember and made his first attempt at a novel at the age of 12. His current output takes the form of occasional short stories and reviews of books or films, but he intends to return to writing novels one day.


 Vice Chair – Sherry Hostler

Sherry has been a member of Chiltern Writers for many years and usually managed to beat a hasty exit when the topic of joining the committee came up.  She finally gave in to peer pressure in 2019 to become a Committee Member, and has been pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable it is ever since.  Sherry writes a regular column for Vale Life, has achieved 2nd Place and publication in the Writers Forum Flash Fiction Competition and has had multiple articles published in Hertfordshire Life and Dogs Monthly.  She is currently working on a novel, and once it’s finished she intends to sit down and have a very large glass of wine. 


Treasurer – Patrick Mahon

Patrick has been writing fiction since the early 2000s. He mostly writes science fiction, with occasional forays into fantasy and horror. He also writes book and film reviews and other factual articles for various outlets. During the week he runs the government affairs programme for a national recycling charity.


 Secretary – Jan Halstead




Sandra Smith

A member of Chiltern Writers for over 25 years, Sandra Smith’s articles, interviews and exhibition reviews are published in a wide range of regional and national magazines.  She is a ghostwriter, a Writing Magazine tutor, and runs one-to-one sessions as well as workshops for publishing company, Author In Me.  Sandra also offers editing and proofreading services and, at literary festivals, runs workshops and does live interviews.  She will once again judge this year’s Thame Arts & Literature Festival Flash Fiction competition.


Katy Todd

Katy began writing when seeking new avenues to expand audiences and draw sponsors for UK arts projects.  In retirement she writes nice letters of complaint, a monthly column for a Japanese life style magazine and letters to the Guardian. More than 20 years of research completely revised her family’s history. Her aim is to write up her now indisputable heritage and she hopes Chiltern Writers will provide the impetus to get on with it.


Sue Thornton

Sue (or SM), is a grandparent who loves telling bed-time stories.  Her debut book was published on 11th December 2020, entitled ‘The Giant of Jiggery Pokery and his Amazing Seven League Boots’.  It was published on Amazon and is the first in a series of seven books.  The e-book and audio books will follow soon.  All profits from her book sales go to charity (End Polio Now), and all monies generated from those book sales will be trebled by Bill Gates.  Sue is so carried away with this writing business that 19 more books are now planned.


Claire Jenkins


Sarah Shelby