30th Anniversary Anthology – Launch Event

On November 8th 2018 we were proud to launch an anthology celebrating 30 years of Chiltern Writers. Shown below are some photographs from the event along with some comments from those attending.


What Chiltern Writers Means To Me:


Chiltern Writers has given me the courage to write the things I love with positive feedback and a great social atmosphere.


Chiltern Writers gives me friendship, support and the confidence to keep writing.


Friendly support, some great talks, loads of encouragement.  Would like a glass of wine with coffee!


Encouraging one another.




A very friendly monthly get together to learn and exchange views with speakers and fellow members.  More please – Richard G.


It’s an opportunity to explore my writing creativity and to be with like-minded people.


Helpful feedback at manuscript evenings, and guest speakers providing inspiration for possible new stories.  Meeting other writers.  Geoff


It doesn’t matter if you’re published or just scribbling for fun.  We’re all in it together.


Listening to guest speakers and mingling with fellow writers is a great way to get/keep motivated and inspired to write.


Equalityyou only have to come four times and they let you be Chair.


I’m a newbie and hoping Chiltern Writers will inspire me to write up my journey – how I discovered who my family really is.  KT


Knowing other writers!


Social, interesting speakers and challenging competitions.  Lovely people.


Constructive criticism.


To do something for me ….. my enjoyment, my fun!


Inspiring friendship and escapism.


Friendship and fun.


It gave me the confidence to do more than to dream I could write ….. I dare to write.


Interesting speakers.


Listening to one another.


Sometimes inspiring, sometimes depressing at the amount of talent on display, but always welcoming, encouraging and interesting.


What Were You Doing In 1988?


Bought my first house – hurrah!


Just before the property crash – oh heck!


  • Commuting on slam-door trains
  • Memos not emails
  • No internet!
  • Digging my allotment
  • Pottery Classes


A one-year-old daughter, full time shifts in the Metropolitan Police – stress and magic all together.


I was at school.


First year of university – living away from home, making new friends, drinking and dancing …


  • A mum at home with two little girls
  • Karate lessons and helping teach self-defence for women
  • Taking a word processing course.


Still at school and rocking the 80’s perm.


The 80’s were a blur! But, 1988 was when I first started the search for my real roots.


Who shot JR?  Escaping to the world of ‘Dallas’ once a week – forgetting work, kids and cooking.


I wasn’t born…


Sporting far more hair than I do now and driving an Alfa Romeo. Simpler but happy days.