Chiltern Writers

Welcome to the Website of the Chiltern Writers Group

We are a friendly group based in Wendover in Buckinghamshire.

Normally, our meetings take place on the second Thursday of each month, starting at 8.00. However, owing to the Coronavirus Pandemic live meetings have been suspended until further notice.  We are endeavouring to offer members some virtual activities in the interim. 

Non members are welcome to attend future events via Zoom if they are able to pay a Guest Fee of £5 on line.  If you are interested please get in touch through the Contact Us page on this website.


We have a Facebook page which can be found at the link below:

CW Facebook

We also have a Twitter account: @ChilternWriters



October 8th – Tony Kent will talk about his writing process.  Tony is a thriller writer, a criminal barrister and a former champion heavyweight boxer.  He writes the bestselling Joe Dempsey / Michael Devlin / Sarah Truman series of political and legal action thrillers.  In a 20 year history of high-profile criminal trials, Tony has dealt with the UK government, Scotland Yard, the NCA, MI5 and the FBI, as well as some of Europe’s most infamous organised crime groups. For more information take a look at his website:





The results of our annual writing competition announced at our September meeting are:

1st Prize (£30):            Killers by Christine DeVine

2nd Prize (£20):          A Slow Trip to Scotland (and a Slower One Back) by Jonathan Bullard

3rd Prize (£10):           The Not So Brave New World of Tourism by Rosy Edwards

The three winners will be invited to read out their entries at our Christmas Social (most likely a virtual event) on 10 December.