Chiltern Writers

Welcome to the Website of the Chiltern Writers Group

We are a friendly group based in Wendover in Buckinghamshire.

Normally, our meetings take place on the second Thursday of each month, starting at 8.00. However, owing to the Coronavirus Pandemic live meetings have been suspended until further notice.  We are endeavouring to offer members some virtual activities in the interim. 

Non members are welcome to attend future events via Zoom if they are able to pay a Guest Fee of £5 on line.  If you are interested please get in touch through the Contact Us page on this website.


We have a Facebook page which can be found at the link below:

CW Facebook

We also have a Twitter account: @ChilternWriters



Dec 12th Christmas Social via Zoom

  • Sadly, we will be unable to offer refreshments this year, so pour yourself a glass/cuppa and load a plate with your preferred nibbles – whatever you need to sustain yourself for about an hour. And nobody has the excuse that they’re driving so…
  • Christmas fancy dress is entirely optional. No prizes but, come on! Just how many Christmas parties are you going to this year?  Even a tinsel boa would count.
  • Sherry has devised a Fiendish Quiz, so have pen and paper handy. This will include a ‘match the surprising fact to the committee member’ mini quiz.  Do try to contain your excitement, though.
  • The winners of this year’s CW non-fiction writing competition (Rosy, Jonathan and Christine) will read out their entries. After each you will have the opportunity to give feedback or ask questions if you wish.
  • Sherry will then provide the Answers to the Quiz. Instead of the usual box of chocolates, the winner will receive a £5 Book Token.



The results of our annual writing competition announced at our September meeting are:

1st Prize (£30):            Killers by Christine DeVine

2nd Prize (£20):          A Slow Trip to Scotland (and a Slower One Back) by Jonathan Bullard

3rd Prize (£10):           The Not So Brave New World of Tourism by Rosy Edwards

The three winners will be invited to read out their entries at our Christmas Social (most likely a virtual event) on 10 December.